Solar Panel Cleaning

Professional solar panel cleaning is the best way to ensure all your solar panels work properly, especially if they’re prone to getting debris on them like pollen, dust, or leaves.

Even rainwater isn’t just water. It naturally accumulates dust and minerals as it falls and over time these can leave a film on your solar panels that give it a “frosted” look. The good news is that we can help!

Unless you’ve got the proper tools, cleaning your solar panels can be incredibly risky for you and for your panels. They aren’t like windows. You must ensure that your cleaner won’t leave a film, and you cannot use anything abrasive or you’ll risk reducing the effectiveness of the panel.

At Palmer’s Window Washing, we know solar panels. We don’t use any cleaner that will leave a residue, and for most cleaning, we use a pure water system with gentle agitation that lifts contaminants from the panels without leaving residue or scratches.

If your solar panels are up on your roof, they can be difficult to reach, and we don’t recommend climbing around on your roof to try to get them clean. For many homes, we can clean the panels without leaving the ground, but if that’s not feasible, we will take the utmost care while up on your roof. For the safety of your roof and our crew. Contact us today to get started! We’ll get you back to peak efficiency!

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